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Growing Corporate Intelligence

About Us

Corporate College Services, Inc. is in the business of growing corporate intelligence.

CCS was founded in 1997 for the express purpose of building a knowledgeable, competent workforce. The workplace is our learning laboratory.

CCS programs, both the onsite BSBA and MBA Degree Completion Programs are customized to reflect the needs of the organization for a diverse, agile workforce and personalized specifically for working adults. Academic programs, and services, with real-world application are delivered conveniently at the corporate site.

  • Students, in both BS and MBA programs,¬†refine writing, presentation and critical thinking skills
  • Students in the BS program graduate in half the time required of traditional colleges
  • Study emphasizes leadership development and efficient, effective management with real world, problem solving solutions

Corporations need smart employees – employees who

  • understand the essence and economics of business;
  • recognize and solve root problems;
  • are confident and competent;
  • contribute, and lead.

Employees need organizations which

  • believe in the development of limitless human learning
  • reward creativity and “out of the box” thinking; value lifelong learning; and
  • recognize that human resources are the most valuable renewable resource of the organization.

As a company whose goal is to accelerate human resources development through education and training, it is our mission to:

  • Help corporations build and retain an agile, competent and loyal workforce;
  • Help workers recognize their inherent learning power and growth potential;
  • Help create dynamic business environments in which humanism and enterprise successfully coexist.

Corporate College Services, as a value-added partner with corporate human resources, develops leadership behaviors deep within the organization; builds and retains competent and loyal employees; provides guidance on earning college level credit for employee training; and accelerates degree completion. Contact us to discuss learning opportunities for your goals.